NFW is the first formal networking organization for women in Tulare County. It was formed in 1981 by a group of women who shared a goal of providing a forum for women to engage each other in a personal and professional manner.


NFW is overseen by a nine-member group of volunteers from the general membership. Each year in October the membership elects the board of directors. The board decides which members will serve as officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer). Board members serve two-year terms offset so that not all members change at the same time.


NFW hosts a monthly luncheon on the fourth Thursday of each month January through October. In November and December the lunch is the third Thursday. NFW also hosts socials, usually one in the spring and one in the fall. Other events are scheduled when opportunities arise. NFW offers a book group that meets monthly.


New members come to NFW by invitation of an existing member. A prospective member must attend at least two meetings (lunch, social, board) as the guest of her sponsor. An application is then completed and given to the sponsor to certify and submit to the board for consideration. The sponsor must certify that she has been a member for at least one year, her dues are current, that she has attended at least six meetings in the past year, and that the prospective member has attended two meetings. The board will consider the application and vote at a board meeting. If an applicant is approved, the membership chair and the treasurer will notify the applicant and the sponsor. The membership process is complete once the new member pays her dues.

Membership continues as long as dues are paid annually.

Membership Benefits

We welcome individuals who are actively pursuing career goals and who embrace the NFW concept of education, participation, and support of women. Our commitment is to provide a support system through which women can find:

• Professional advancement through a strong network of business contacts and education.

• Recognition of the contribution of that businesswomen have made and continue to make in Tulare County.

• An avenue through which professional and businesswomen can share companionship, encouragement and support.

NFW, like most of life’s endeavors, returns to us what we put into it. The greatest benefit comes when members reach out and engage with other members. NFW provides opportunities for members to meet together, but it is the individual efforts of members that spark the connections that make networking so valuable.There was and continues to be an understanding that the professional lives of motivated and goal-oriented women can be enhanced by WHO we know as well as what we know.

Over the years, other groups have formed out of the NFW population, around such common interests as women’s health issues, community involvement and simple fun!

First, we make friends, and then we do business together.

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